Hi there!

My name is Sofie kenens, i'm an illustrator and dreamer extraordinaire, based in Belgium. I love to create playful and colorful illustrations with quirky diverse characters that put a smile on your face. 

As a child, I travelled to Neverland with Peter Pan, had a few scary encounters on Paul van Loon's "Horror Bus" and went on great adventures with Roald Dahl. These stories fueled my passion for working on my own as a freelance illustrator.

I specialise in the children's publishing industry. I work digitally and you can find my illustrations in books and magazines, as stickers, on paper goods and toys. I have had the privilege to work on some wonderful projects with clients from all over the world.

LOVES: Early summer mornings, all things cryptozoologic & creepy, flannel, being self-employed, snow, freedom, big messy hair, National & wildlife Parks , western movies, christmas and our roadtrip adventures (Let’s see the world!).

A selection of clients i have worked with: 
Langue Au Chat, Milan Editions, Editions Lito, Cottage Door Press, Averbode/Editions Erasme, Ravensburger, Delubas, Auzou Editions, Hemma Editions, 
Ballon Media, Plantyn Uitgeverij, ZNU, Fleurus Editions, Mame Editions, Malmberg, Bordas, Editions CEC, ...

I work with clients from all over the world & you can always contact me in Dutch, English or French.