Well hello there

My name is Sofie kenens, i'm an illustrator and dreamer extraordinaire, based in Beringen (Belgium). I love to create playful and colorful illustrations and characters that put a smile on your face. 

As a little girl, I travelled to Neverland with Peter Pan, had some scary encounters on Paul van Loon's "Horror Bus" and went on great adventures with Roald Dahl. Always daydreaming and drawing, it was no surprise that I choose to study art. I graduated with a master's degree in graphic design and illustration in 2009.

After working as a graphic designer and fashion designer for babywear for a while, I decided to chase my dream and started working on my own as a fulltime freelance illustrator. 

As an illustrator I specialise in the children's publishing industry. I work digitally (Adobe illustrator and photoshop) and you can find my illustrations in books and magazines, on paper goods and toys in West-Europe. I have had the privilege to work on some wonderfull projects with clients from all over the world.

I love: early mornings, snow, all things crytozoologic and creepy, flannel, being self-employed, messy hair, national parks USA, western movies, christmas and making big travel plans (another roadtrip adventure awaits!) ... Ooh and did i mention christmas?  


I have had the privilege to collaborate on wonderful projects with clients like Langue au chat (BE), Milan Editions (FR), Editions Lito (FR), Cottage door press (USA), Averbode/editions erasme (BE), ravensburger (FR), Delubas (NL), Auzou editions (FR), Hemma editions (BE), Ballon Media (BE), Plantyn (BE), ZNU (NL), Fleurus editions (FR), Malmberg (NL), Bordas (FR) ...


Doremi, Doremini, Dopido, Dokadi, Zonnekind, Bonjour



to be released ...
- La légende de Guillaume Tell // auzou editions // POPUP BOOK
- Giant Hide&Seek Belgique // auzou editions // SEARCH & FIND BOOK
- En route: la rentree scolaire // langue au chat // BOARD BOOK
- Les petites crottes magiques // langue au chat// (translated in spanish, czech & slovak) //  POPUP BOOK

- En route: les vacances // langue au chat // BOARD BOOK
- Baba yaga // editions milan // ACTIVITY BOOK: stickers & story
- Histoires pour les tout-petits” // editions lito // COLLECTIVE
- Mission dans l'Espace 150pcs // Ravensburger - Nathan // PUZZLE

- Les dragons 45pcs // Ravensburger - Nathan // PUZZLE
- écoute et rêve; histoires courtes et amusantes // editions lito // COLLECTIVE 
- La légende de saint nicolas // auzou editions //
- ma crèche à monter // langue au chat // ACTIVITY BOOK: make and play
- le cadeau // langue au chat // PICTURE BOOK

- Blanche-Neige et les sept nains // editions milan // ACTIVITY BOOK: stickers & story
Histoires pour s'habiller // fleurus editions // COLLECTIVE
- Ma boite a gommettes: Princesses scintillantes (stickers) // lito editions // STICKER BOX
- Je prépare mon anniversaire de princesses // fleurus editions // ACTIVITY BOOK: make and send
- Carte du monde 150pcs // ravensburger - Nathan //  PUZZLE
- Odile fait sa difficile // Éditions Érasme // PICTURE BOOK
- Cherche et trouve pour les bébés: les chiffres // fleurus editions // (translated in portugese, castillian & catalan spanish) //  COLLECTIVE
- The safety bugs say, i can do it // cottage door press // BOARD BOOK

- Petit cameleon en voit de toutes les couleurs // Auzou editions // TOUCH AND FEEL BOOK
- Pasen plak en speel // Ballon Media // ACTIVITY BOOK
- Billy the Monkey, or the Prince of the Amazon // Auzou editions // PICTURE BOOK

- 100 histoires dans la forêt enchantée // Hemma editions // COLLECTIVE
- Sami le ouistiti, prince d'amazonie // Auzou editions // (translated in english , estonian & chinese) //  PICTURE BOOK
- Mijn eerste paasfeest // Ballon Media // ACTIVITY BOOK
- Nieuwsgierige Nina // Ballon Media //  PICTURE BOOK