Hi there!

I’m Sofie, an illustrator who creates playful and colorful illustrations with quirky diverse characters. 

As a child, i travelled to Neverland with Peter Pan, had a few scary encounters on Paul van Loon's "Horror Bus" and went on great adventures with Roald Dahl. These stories fueled my passion for drawing. I graduated as a graphic designer and while working in the creative field, i realised that i really enjoyed creating illustrations. So i decided to pursue a carreer in illustration and i have been working on my own as a full-time freelance illustrator ever since.

I specialise in the children's publishing industry and have had the privilege to work with publishers from all over the world. I work digitally, with my wacom tablet and ipad as my favourite weapons of choice. I have learned a lot from endless hours of practice behind my desk and following the inspiring journey of fellow illustrators. You can find my illustrations in books and magazines, as stickers, on paper goods and toys.

When i’m not working in the studio, you will probably find me at our backyard jungle pond getting inspiration, reading a book or sipping on a coffee.
I’m a big lover of nature, early summer mornings, all things cryptozoologic & creepy, flannel, being self-employed, snow, freedom, big messy hair, National & wildlife Parks, western movies, christmas and roadtrip adventures (Let’s see the world!).

I live in a small town in Belgium with my boyfriend and our fluffy pack of animals.

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My clients:

Langue Au Chat, Milan Editions, Editions Lito, Cottage Door Press, Averbode/Editions Erasme, magazine Dokadi, Ravensburger, Delubas, Auzou Editions, Hemma Editions, Ballon Media, Plantyn Uitgeverij, ZNU, Fleurus Editions, Mame Editions, Malmberg, Bordas, Editions CEC, magazines Doremi & Doremini, ...

I work with clients from all over the world & you can always contact me at sofiekenens@gmail.com in Dutch, English or French.